Scar of destiny

A bond created by a pact made by these group of adventurers not long into their adventuring that causes players to fade in or out of existence in between games


When a player is not in a session, or is in a session, their character fades out of, or into, reality as the scar switches them in and out of reality from time to time.


This scar appears on specific individuals at birth, or as a result of powerful but unexplained magical confluences. Anyone with this mark is untethered from reality, and might step out of existence at any moment for indeterminate periods—possibly forever. All of that individual’s possessions vanish with him, though occasionally specific items—seemingly of the mark bearer’s choosing—are left behind. When and if an individual reappears, he is unharmed and has no knowledge of where he was, and only a vague idea of how much time has passed. Such individuals typically reappear near others who bear the mark.

Scar of destiny

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