Drow poison 5 doses

After robing the drow soldiers senseless, the PCs have picked up a small supply of drow poison, a favorite of the drow. While easy to resist, the effects are often quite effective, causing the recipient to fall unconscious.


This poison is injury poison (poison effect is only caused if damage is dealt). It has an effect of unconsciousness for 1 minute on a failed save and can be overcome with a DC 13 fort save.

Poison rules:
Poison can be applied once to a weapon with a DC 15 craft alchemy check (can be made untrained). A failure means the weapon is not coated in poison but the poison is not used. On a roll of a 1, the owner accidentally affects themselves with the poison (some class or racial features prevent this), although the poison is still not used. If a creature affected by poison is hit again with a poisoned weapon, they make a new save at +2 DC, if they fail, they get the initial effects again and the duration is increased by 1/2 (the DC increased by 2 for further checks as well).


Drow poison is a favorite of drow and is a favorite among the many. Most learn to make it at a young age and it allows a weapon as simple as the sling or small rock to become a deadly weapon.

Drow poison 5 doses

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