A town in ruins

The story so far

After a long walk and lots of adventuring, the party arrives at a desolate town, Bloomville. The peasants are downtrodden. There is a field with many dying plants, a small assortment of huts, a cemetery, a few shops, a town hall, a collapsed church, and a heretic yelling.

The party decided to talk to the heretic, and he spoke of how the town was being punished for its lack of faith in the town’s deity Pelor.

Afterwards, Trohh decides to go to the tavern while the remaining party goes to the town hall. The mayor is inside talking to an advisor. After the party interrupts and speaks at length, the mayor agrees to grant the party some equipment if they catch whoever is stealing corpses from the graveyard.

The players go on shifts, and Nothos and Otto are attacked by a blast shadow. While fighting them off, Kortar and Trohh are close by. In the remains the party find a ring of tongues and gives it to Trohh. The heretic tries to gather up the remains of the shadow but Nothos stops him and takes the dust instead.

Nothos tries to track a trail, but accidentally ends up in the town; Trohh makes a new gun. Trohh uses his knowledge of the area to learn about the nearby area. There are some rumors of the broken down church and a cave to the north-east. The party sleeps.

In the morning, the party learns that the heretic has been killed. The mayor breaks up the group, and takes the heretic away for rights. The group follows the trail to the cave.

It turns out there is a cave in the north-east. Trohh stays behind and guards while Nothos and Otto enter the cave, in the dark.

They find a door, but it is locked. Otto tries to open it several times, but accidentally, sets off a trap.


Partyrico Partyrico

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