A town in ruins

Fowl beginnings

As Otto’s scar of destiny causes him to be phased out of existence, Kortar’s, Matt’s, Adam’s, and Danny’s scars of destiny activate, causing them to phase into existence. As Adam and Danny are now in the Nest, they look around. They identify the bird-like creatures as harpies, cunning creatures that locate humanoids, particularly humans and elves, and devour or sacrifice them for food and religion. They also notice that the harpies are keen on collecting various shiny objects, and as such they likely have a hoard somewhere. In the site of the large open area, there are 20 scattered caves, some higher up and only accessible with flight. They count 12 harpies currently eating the humanoid.

Danny and Adam decide they want to go after the harpies’ treasure, and so Danny sneaks into a cave, lights a fuse connected to a smoke stick with his dagger, then leaves quickly. As the billowing smoke creates a distraction, 5 of the harpies are diverted from their meal, while 2 quickly leave to check on their own things.

In the meantime, Nothos is not far in the woods, and activates his flight hex to start flying in the direction of the billowing smoke. Kortar, Matt and Trohh notice that their friends are up in the nest and that smoke is billowing and so attempt to ascend. After much difficulty, Kortar uses his strength to make handholds and starts climbing up the rough stone surface, making it easier for everyone behind him.

Adam surprise attacks the harpies with a bomb, slaying one and damaging the others. There are 3 young harpies left. Danny sneaks into the smoke covered cave and slices an adult harpy down. Surprise round is over everyone rolls initiative.

Nothos — 25
Danny — 22
Trohh — 18
Kortar — 18
Adam — 17
Young Harpies — 12
Normal Harpies — 12
Matt — 8

Nothos arrives, flying in and delivers a shocking grasp so powerful, it fires an electric flare into the sky and instantly fries the skin of the harpy, leaving little more than bones and metal equipment. There are 2 young harpies left.

Danny maneuvers around the smoke more and picks off another young harpy, stabbing it carefully and precisely in the kidney, a deadly thrust that causes a quick fall. there are at least 4 young harpies left in the cave.

Trohh attempts to climb unsuccessfully, but finds the rough rock surface difficult to climb without instruments, and delays to allow Kortar to advance.

Kortar easily pulls himself to the top, and dollies down rope for his remaining allies to climb up. However, he cannot do anything else as he is holding the rope.

Harpies are next…


Partyrico Partyrico

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